Moon Drum

Moon Drum .jpg

This drum is based on the Moon and Salmon painting. I added a little metallic paint to the blue background, it worked out well. I like how the blue has a little shine to it.


Moon and Salmon


A commissioned piece. The moon is shining bright and as she shines down on the water, the salmon that are swimming in the moonlight are showing their colours. If you look closely, you’ll see that the salmon that are not in the moonlight are visible, but not as easily seen as the ones in the light. The moon pays homage to the Cree Four Directions (the owner is Cree) as well as showing the mountains as eyebrows and Coast Salish canoes in/as her eyes.  22″ X 33″ – Private Collection

Okanagan Sun and Family Tree


I completed this two panel piece for my best friend and family. The premise is that the big Okanagan Sun (where they live) is shining down on their family. The animals in the tree represent the members of the family, the land in the painting is a representation of Okanagan lake. The roots of the tree touch the ground where their house is located in relation to the lake.

Hunting Salmon

hunting salmon 2.JPG

This piece is titled “Hunting Salmon.” My thoughts behind the design was that the pod of killer whales are circling and hunting for salmon. The salmon on the other hand are staying close together and hiding in the sea kelp. I had a sketch of one of the killer whales that I had been wanting to do something with for quite some time, I really like the “modern, fast” feel of the killer whales.

22.25″ X 30.5″ Gouache on Paper – On Sale After August 1, 2016

Humpback Family

Humpback Family

When I first had the idea of doing this painting I intended on painting killer whales. After considering that I had already painted killer whales as well as having never painted a Humpback whale, the killer whale painting changed into this little family of humpbacks. For my first time painting humpbacks, I’m quite happy with the way it turned out.

22.5″ x 28.5″ – Gouache on paper – Private Collection